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To mobility or not to mobility?

The answer, of course, is yes. To mobility. However, as I type that line, I recognise the potential for it to misinterpreted as an endeavour to expand range of motion, however, mobility isn't always about expanding range of motion. In fact, I might argue that expanding range is more of a secondary focus. The primary focus would be to develop awareness, intention and control over the current range of motion that you have and only then begin to look at expanding range. This however, is not a hard and fast rule, sometimes people don't have the ability to express a certain range of motion, in which case, creating some range would be necessary before we could start to use that range and learn how to control it.

You are made up of cells. A whole heap of bacteria as well, but, for now, let's just talk about cells. All 70-odd trillion of them (I might have butchered that, I didn't fact check it) Your cells respond and adapt to the environment they are exposed to. They experience the environment through motion and force. Force generates motion. Motion stimulates more motion. The cells need consistent, persistent and intentional inputs if we want them to remain healthy and support what ever it is that we do. The cells will always arrange themselves in support of what ever it is that we do. i.e. sit all day and your cells prepare you for more sitting(it's actually quite a bit more complicated than this but let's reduce ourselves to 2-dimensional thinking here just so we can get a basic grip on the potentiality).

If we want to excel at any task, we need to perform that task diligently and with committed intention, should we wish to progress. Our Nervous System (that's the brain and the spiney bits that send the electrical impulses to your your cells) primes itself for the execution of the tasks that we expose ourselves to. It receives input from the cells about what is need to remain energy efficient in the environment and then based on these inputs, the nervous system tells your cells what to do. i.e. get strong and multiply or shrink shrivel and die. Biology is brutal.

So, unless you live a life that affords your the freedom to explore and express the entirety of your potential range of motion everyday, multiple times per day, then the answer to "to mobility or to not mobility?" is, most certainly, yes. You will no doubt need to mobility somewhere and in some way.

This leads us to our next question… "But, what to mobility?"

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