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As a bodyworker, I provide a hybrid treatment that draws influence from the many styles I have been exposed to for over two decades.

I received an accreditation as a massage therapist in 2008, however, I began practing massage from the time I was child of about 10 years old.

My mother worked as a massage therapist and I would regularly volunteer myself to be a practice body for her as she learned new techniques and methods including more esoteric energy-healing modalities. This process gave me about a decades worth of practical experience before I completed my first certification. I realised how underwhelmed I was by local massage certifications and found much more satisfaction learning in a more traditional, yet almost extinct, process of teacher-to-student, and I would regularly find myself going back to my mother for treatments, and to learn as most certifications promoted irrelevant or decontextualised theoretical information that removed the practitioner from a deep sense of tactile listening which is necessary for truly meaningful and effective treatments.

When I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town, in 2011, I quickly began connecting with the physiotherapy and biokinetisist communities and found myself working alongside many other therapists at multi-stage mountain bike and trail running events as a sports massage therapist. In 2012, I completed my own training as a Reiki practitioner but steered away from offering the service as part of a monetary exchange and instead used it as a way of sensing more deeply what was taking place within the bodies I was treating.

My work as a Personal Trainer and my ever growing curiosity for human movement would continually take me away from offering massage, as I found more satisfaction in helping individuals open the doors they needed for personal growth and healing within themselves and found that massage and other energy focused methodologies became a crutch, for many clients, whereas with training, I could help someone uncover what was needed within themselves to move out of pain rather than using massage as a temporary escape from it.

I continued to explore the realms of mind, body, spiritual connection through my own physical practices including Yoga, Meditation, Plant medicine, Trauma release techniques, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and Mobility Training.

In 2017, I began working at a physiotherapy clinic which specialised in working with individuals with chronic pain and uniquely adapted anatomies. I worked alongside an incredible team of therapists and bodyworkers and found my knowledge of treatment methods reaching knew heights with every in-house educational training I attended.

At this same time, I had already been teaching Yoga for about three years and soon found myself leading the anatomy portions of various yoga teacher training programs as I developed an insatiable appetite for knowldege and wisdom about human anatomy and physiology.

Towards the end of 2020, I experienced an intenseley traumatic armed robbery which guided me to utilise more embodied protocols to assist in my healing. Combining my own self bodywork practice with my movement practices and working intimately with a highly skilled and experienced bodyworker who used a variety of hybridized techniques. He greatly influenced my thinking, my sensing and my approach to the practice as a whole. A natural progression developed where I found myself once again facilitating treatments, but I noticed my awareness of my patients had become far more intimate, and I was developing my own hybridized style, drawing from all of my experience and influences.

Over the course of the last four years, I have been refining my methodology into a systematic approach that aims to provide an all encompassing experience which transcends just working on the musculoskeletal system. I aim to create an atmosphere and ambient environment that will help the nervous system to begin its own natural recallibration processes.

The practice is a clothed, floor based practice utilising pressure, traction, percussion, brushing, assisted stretching and joint mobilisation techniques which can at times resemble medical Thai massage and Shiatsu. I borrow elements from Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and Contact Improvisation to create real-time solutions to person specific and conext specific scenarios while aiming to create a ceremonial sacred space in which I work on the nervous and lymphatic systems and aim to faciliate a shift within the limbic system so that the body will begin to initiate its inherent healing process and create genuine shifts in the musculoskeleletal, fascial and connective tissue layers. 

Bodywork sessions can take 75 - 90 minutes and can vary in price based on the venue and travel. If you would like to book a Bodywork session, please contact me directly via email or WhatsApp.

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