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At Crawl Project, there are two options for individualised and personalised training: Personal Training and Remote Coaching.

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Personal Training

Personal Training is a one-on-one service with scheduled weekly sessions. These bespoke sessions are dedicated to you. Sessions are focused on specific mobility, skill, strength or coordination exercises depending on individual needs and goals. 

In each session, you will receive hands-on, one-on-one interaction, instruction, direction and guidance with a watchful eye keeping track of your application and execution of exercises, keeping you accountable and focused on your goal.
Sessions last approximately one hour and are conducted either in person or online via Zoom. 
Is personal training the right choice for you?
It could be, if:


  • you are ready to commit to regular weekly sessions one or more times per week;

  • you can maintain a focused mindset and motivated approach;

  • you are willing to trust your coach and your programming, and execute your homework with commitment and intentionality;

  • you need someone to help you stay focused and attentive during sessions and to monitor your execution and progress;

  • you have unique anatomy and physical requirements due to previous injury, health complications or natural anatomical anomaly.

With over 15 years of experience in personal training and coaching (including working as a mobility specialist, two years in a physiotherapy clinic as a movement specialist, as well as my experience with foundational gymnastic strength training, yoga and mobility training systems), I have extensive knowledge and skill sets to help you take the best possible approach to your training. I can also help you define and refine your goals into concrete and achievable tasks so that we can broaden your abilities far beyond what you may have previously believed was possible.

Interested in applying for Personal Training with Crawl Project? Get in touch.


Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching is a personalised service with a minimum commitment of 12 weeks, during which the student commits to working through the material of a training program in their own time, using a feedback process to gauge progress and efficacy.

After a successful application process and completion of our remote coaching goal-setting and expectations questionnaire, we will have a one-on-one video call. Here, we discuss goals and outcomes more clearly and guide the student through exercises. We introduce the student to an online course platform which will serve as the home for their personalised training program.


The remote coaching program is broken into two 6-week phases: Phase I and Phase II. Each phase offers a 3-day split program, which should be performed twice within a 7-day period.

All exercises are made available via video and are housed within the course player, which can be viewed on desktop or mobile browsers, or via our mobile app. Videos on the website are available to download. The student will have access to their personalised course as long as their remote coaching commitment is active.

Is remote coaching the right choice for you?


It could be, if:

  • you want a sense of personal responsibility and self-determination to complete your own training;

  • you have the flexibility to arrange and schedule your sessions in a way that compliments your lifestyle and work schedule;

  • you feel confident that you can learn how to make micro-adjustments and corrections to your own exercises without needing someone to watch you perform every repetition;

  • you are happy to work with a flexible feedback system involving video analysis and sending videos to your coach for feedback and recommendations;

  • you can commit to a single program focused on achieving a very specific set of goals, and have the determination to complete the work as set out within the program.

Interested in applying for remote coaching with Crawl Project? Get in touch.

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