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CP Podcast episode #1 - Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto & Andrea Valfre

While I was studying at PERA, I was struck by the desire to interview some of the teachers that I met and learned from. This first interview lit a little fire and inspired me to pursue more interviews for the future. So purely out of coincidence and sheer curiosity, the Crawl Project Podcast is now a thing.

In this pilot episode, I interview two of my teachers; Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto and Andrea Valfre.

Their teaching has made profound impact on me and my ideas on movement practice. I feel very grateful that they took the extra time late on a Thursday evening after a long day of intensive workshops to sit down with me and share a bit about who they are, where and how they met, the art of Kinomichi and how it helped them develop their practice of Ki-Contact and their performance project, Mikado.

I hope you enjoy this pilot episode of The Crawl Project Podcast as much as I did making it.


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